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Christmas event

Christmas event


Training courses for ELE teachers

As we strongly believe in the improvement and constant development, our school offers a series of courses for all those teachers who want to improve their classes and be up to date with the language-teaching world.

Have a look at our offer for 2016:

Course name Starting date Duration Method
“Conversation classes. A point of departure.” 25/03/2016 3 hours On-site
“Auditory comprehension in the E/LE classroom” 15/04/2016 3 hours On-site
“Communicative Focus Methodology and the importance of audiovisual tools” 2 Sessions: 14 y 21 de Mayo 6 hours On-site
“Distance teaching and e-learning course” 1 de junio — 10 de julio 40 hours Online
“Finally, I am going to create my blog. Prosumer teaching” 3 de octubre — 6 de noviembre 30 hours Online
“Emotional gestures for the teacher’s unmet expectations” 1/10/16 — 8/10/2016 6 hours On-site

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