Spanish/English on the rocks

In our search to offer unique courses which reflect our teaching philosophy, we have designed this innovative course that mixes experience with learning in a way that you will never forget.

This program provides you with an unforgettable opportunity to learn Spanish while travelling around Spain with our different routes. We guarantee you the same quality of teaching, methodology and personal support in each of our destinations. It is the perfect way to develop communicative skills and a multifaceted perspective of contemporary Spain.

We have divided this project into two programs:


Spanish on the Road

BCNLIP presents for 2017 a new Spanish course travelling through the South of Spain! Five beautiful destinations and one communal objective: communicate in Spanish while deepening the knowledge and relationship with the mediterranean culture.

With the “Spanish on the Road” project, in two weeks you can discover a country with a spectacular historical legacy, rich in traditions but still modern and full of life, while you practice the language in the company of other students and native teachers. The cities we will visit are Valencia, Sevilla, Malaga, Cadiz and Granada. The main objectives of this course are to interact and communicate with other travellers while getting to know the country in a fun and beneficial way:

  • Discover some of the most magical parts of Spain
  • Practice the language all day: total immersion
  • Travel with a native, qualified and experienced teacher
  • Obtain a certificate of the level and the end of the course
  • Live unique experiences with new friends
  • Try local cuisine


  • Valencia: the city of the sciences.
  • Sevilla: a magical city, cultural crossing and the capital of Andalucia.
  • Málaga: has a marvelous cathedral and museum dedicated to Picasso.
  • Cádiz: large variety of styles and beautiful examples of Spanish architecture.
  • Granada: city of art and flamenco.

Price — Spanish on the Road:

1350 €

Three weeks. 1 week in the school (40 hours) + 2 weeks on the road. Includes:

  • Travel
  • Housing
  • Partial meals
  • 6 hours of class daily
  • Guided visits
  • Travel insurance
  • Certificate at the end of the course

Spanish and English on the Waves

We offer you alternative vacations that will allow you to combine the learning of a language with being on a sailboat or catamaran heading to Menorca:

  • Visit exclusive coves and remote places.
  • Get to know towns full of charm in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.
  • Try local cuisine.
  • Live unique experiences with new friends.
  • Practice the language all day: total immersion!
  • Travel with a native, qualified and experienced teacher.
  • Do all types of activities: fishing, diving, hiking…
  • Follow a rigorous study program.
  • Receive a certificate of the level at the end of the course.


  • Catalan Coast: Barcelona — Costa Brava
  • Balearic Islands: Barcelona — Menorca

Price — Spanish/English on the Waves:

1000 €

1 week in the school (40 hours) + 1 week on the sea. Includes:

  • Trip in a sailboat or catamaran
  • 6 hours of Spanish
  • Travel insurance
  • Final certificate

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