Our teaching philosophy

Our Philosophy

Learning a language – means living it!

  1. We teach the four key language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) but we place special importance on speaking. We ensure that our students are speaking from day one.
  2. We use a communicative method that is based on the task-based approach: we encourage our students to communicate in everyday situations where they have to practice what they have learned.
  3. We pay special attention to our activities and events. They are an important part of our educational ethos, reflecting the multicultural and diverse spirit of the school and presenting the perfect opportunity to practice speaking languages beyond the classroom. It is important that our students understand that the activities and events are not only for socialising, but are designed specially to help students live outside the school environment.
  4. We have regular assessments so that our students are motivated in class and are given a clear indication of their progress. We offer extra revision classes when we consider them necessary in order for students to keep up with their courses. Likewise, both our teachers and our school also undergo continuous assessment.
  5. Our school spirit is animated and innovative as we are constantly changing and adapting to embrace new technology, new forms of learning, the best materials, most original activities …
  6. In order to encourage a good atmosphere in the classroom and to ensure a dynamic learning environment, we have created these rules of behaviour for the classroom. They are also a reflection of your own demands as students.

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