Our Students

Our center is located in the heart of the Ciutat Vella, the Gothic neighborhood, the most cosmopolitan and heterogeneous part of Barcelona. The school receives many new students daily, their interest arising from constant contact with foreigners from all over the world. We offer a fundamental and necessary service for the neighborhood, being a unique language school in the Gothic quarter. Furthermore, we are situated next to a popular center for Catalan education, and work to complement their educational programs with our own broad range of language classes. As well, we receive students who find us from all over the globe. For this reason, you can find every kind of student at our school:

  • Foreign students who wish to live in Barcelona for a year to study Spanish.
  • Foreign students who live and work in the city and need courses to improve professional and personal prospects.
  • Immigrants who need courses to obtain a professional certificate.
  • Students who live and study in the city seeking language education to complement their current studies.
  • Students visiting Spain who want to take a course as part of the experience.
  • Students who contact us from afar because they wish to take an intensive here at the center (either on their behalf or on the behalf of an agency).
  • Spanish students from the neighborhood who want to learn or improve a foreign language.

Our courses are created for adults of all ages, the only requirement being an interest in second language learning. We’ve had students from ages 18 to 82, and that has enriched our methods and philosophy. The median age, if we had to calculate, would be between 20 and 35 years old. We have programs for minors, and we have successfully integrated teenagers in classes with mostly adult students. Our interest in education lets us adapt to any sort of student, as we wish to welcome everyone to enjoy our programs together.

Ultimately, we are a neighborhood school with hopes of international recognition, that reflects an open spirit and the goal of integrating different cultures and nationalities into our world class programs and classes.

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