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As we mentioned in our teaching philosophy, we believe a language is a collection of multiple factors, including history, culture, politics, art and geography. At BCNLIP we don’t separate the context of where a language is born and where it grows; instead, we fuse it all together in our programs as part of the learning process. Differentiating ourselves from other language schools, the activities that we offer are not as a separate option, but rather they are an integrated and important part of the intensive programs. The student will have the opportunity to enjoy a varied selection of activities that change every month.



In our efforts to promote the interaction amongst different languages, we have created a calendar of events in which all of the students and teachers at BCNLIP can participate in order to consolidate the multicultural and multilingual environment that characterizes us. The activities are related to important holidays and cultural events in Barcelona. Additionally, in collaboration with the MAMAC association, the school often organizes international art exhibitions.





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