Communicative activities in Spanish. The Spanish course tasks

As we previously explained, our communicative activities work on comprehension, expression, interaction and mediation, along with the different skills necessary for the language. The communicative activity is divided into two parts:

  1. Task – Textbook: follows the structure of a textbook chosen by the school. We use the manuals that best reflect our teaching philosophy at the moment. We also adapt and amplify some of the work from the textbook according to our criteria.
  2. Task – BCNLIP: our activities are complementary to the recommended textbook tasks. They are obligatory for the students in the intensive courses and optional for those in the extensive courses. One activity is carried out every Friday. Our activities, which add a more real life vision to the textbook work, come from at least two of the following aspects:
    • Address current events.
    • Use various outside sources: music, newspapers, magazines, films, internet articles, webpages, etc.
    • Go deeper into one of the four language skills.
    • Put the student in a real life situation where it is necessary to use the language.
    • Involve a situation that permits the student to get to know Barcelona.
    • Practice the activity outside of the classroom, in a real life environment.

Our communicative activities vary every month and continually adapt to the evolution of our Spanish courses. We try to involve our students in different activities in which they have the opportunity to practice the language: tours, films, songs, television programs…

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