From the very beginning, we have worked to offer more and each day in terms of language education and activities. Thanks to the success of our courses and the response from our students, we have grown understanding what is expected and needed in learning a language. BCNLIP employs modern methods in language learning, but also remains traditional in traditional, with a family atmosphere and centennial architecture.

For us, each one of our students is special and for this reason we adapt to fit the rhythm and schedule of our students. For many of our students, BCNLIP is not only a language academy, but also a real life experience.

“A quality atmosphere and good atmosphere of the professors definitely makes this my best experience in Barcelona.”

Masha S. 29 years old. China. Russian Philology

“Interesting and dynamic classes, patient and qualified teachers, and a perfect location.”

Yu Tao. 25 years old. Shanghai, China. Business Classes

“At BCNLIP we have felt very accepted learning English, as we are right in the middle of the student age range.”

Federico Laguia. 59 years old. Barcelona

“I do a theater classes in English and we have a lot of fun!”

Octavi M. 10 years old. Barcelona

“I always wanted to study French but the prices and schedules of other schools never adjusted to my expectations… I arrived to BCNLIP and was amazed!”

Clara S. 28 years old. Barcelona. Administrator

“I love Barcelona, its food, and above all, its people. Thanks to BCNLIP and its activities I’ve improved my Spanish and could learn really interesting historical details about the school’s neighborhood.”

Sarah Graham. 29 years old. Australia

“When I came to Barcelona I didn’t have a very good level of Spanish, but after two semesters studying at BCNLIP, I’ve gotten to B2 and am moving on to C1.”

Lester Simon. 26 years old. USA. Actor

“I’ve learnt so much in such a short amount of time! Fun classes with great teacher – definitely the place to study Spanish in Barcelona!”

Lilian Main. 22 years old. Australia

“I never liked learning languages, I thought it was boring and difficult. With BCNLIP I found out how fun and easy learning a language can be!”

Huw Williams. England

“Since the first day here, I’ve felt right at home. At BCNLIP, they speak Russian and help me get a lot of things done. Without a doubt, the best language school I’ve studied at.”

Denis Birukov. 33 years old. Russia

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